It Takes Two

It Takes Two

Did you know that the Bible has an entire book dedicated to love, romance, sex and marriage?

Song of Solomon is a descriptive love story between two people from attraction through a life-long marriage. Packed inside the poetic language of this book are some incredible, God-honoring principles for dating, courtship, marriage and even sex! In this series, we’re going to walk through Song of Solomon to see how “It takes two” to make a thing go right!

Week 1 – Distraction

Jeff Maness – February 11th, 2018

Week 2 – Preparing for Marriage

Jeff Maness – February 18th, 2018

Week 3 – The Secret to Great Sex!

Jeff Maness – February 25th, 2018

Week 4 – Facing Conflict Resolutely 

Jeff Maness – March 4th, 2018

Week 5 – Lifelong Thriving Marraige

Jeff Maness – March 11th, 2018

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