Welcome to a Movement!

Our vision at Element Church is to be a life-giving movement of people having such an impact that if we were gone our communities would miss us. Since the launch of our church in 2007 we have always been about helping people experience life IN Christ, being a movement of people FOR Christ and making an impact in the NAME of Christ. That is why we exist.

Through this movement of God here at Element Church, we have seen marriages restored, addicts set free, the lonely find a family, hearts and lives rebuilt and a community being redeemed in the name of Jesus. As God continues to expand our influence, our heart to make an impact for Him expands as well.

In this section you can find out more about who we are through our core values, strategies, Next Steps, our staff and our Lead Pastor Jeff Maness. Take a look around to learn more about this movement. We’re so glad you’re here.